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Scientific, technical and marketing content writing is required at every stage of product handling- from raw material procurement, manufacturing, marketing to post-market support. We at Stelioz can provide you with scientifically accurate technical writing services to support any stage of product marketing and review. Our services include:

Scientific product review

For health claim and product specific information based on peer reviewed published human clinical trials and animal studies

Product data sheets

Concise data sheets with specific product details including product description, health claims, ingredients, cautions and warnings

White papers

Compilation of most recent human clinical trials for accurate scientific information related to the safety, efficacy or quality of a product/ingredient

Website and social media marketing content

Review and preparation of website content including product descriptions, blogs and marketing content for scientific and regulatory compliance

Quality agreements

Preparation and review of supplier, testing laboratory, importer, manufacturer or brand owner quality agreements to ensure comprehensive coverage of services and responsibilities